Hello and Welcome!  I’m so glad you found our little corner of the internet!

Through sharing our own experiences, it is my intention to not only share the twists and turns of our journey, but to also show you that no matter the scale of your property or the time you can commit to it, if you are determined and willing to put in some sweat equity, you can learn how to produce more and consume less, one step at a time!

Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are.


The truth is, we haven’t always been on this path…

…We just kind of found our way here, one step, one simple decision at a time! However, we couldn’t be happier (or more exhausted) to be on this journey and know that taking the leap into Homesteading can be a bit daunting in the beginning!

This is exactly why I started this blog, to share our experiences and learnings with you as you embark (or continue) on your very own homesteading journey!

See, Ever Growing Farm began as the blog Sky Minded & Ever Growing in February of 2011 as a way to document our adventures over the course of the next few years on our 1/8 acre urban farm.

We started with a few tomatoes in pots and quickly began adding raised beds, five laying hens, bees, more chickens, rainwater catchment, more chickens, perennials, fruit trees, more chickens, and so much more.

After spending seven years investing (blood, sweat, tears, and a ton of cash) in our Urban Farm, it became clear we had outgrown our own space and made the decision to make a very quick move (a “Leap, and trust that the net will appear.” kind of experience.) which launched us into seven (incredibly rough) months we spent as renters of part of an 1821 hacienda on six acres. While this seemed like a good idea in theory, with close neighbors and some substantial house and land issues (like Uranium and Arsenic in the water which makes growing food pretty impossible) we began looking for another rental and wound up breaking our Lease.

Despite how challenging that middle step was for us it was absolutely essential in bringing us to where we are today, renting a wonderful 11 acre homestead in an itty bitty village about an hour north of Santa Fe as we continue on our path towards our “eventual (forever) farm” and ever-growing homestead dreams. 

Maran egg - 3

As you might imagine, with six years and over a thousand posts under my belt, there is a lot of information that can be found in the pages of this blog!  So, a good place to start is with some of my most popular posts of all time which will give you a good idea of where we’ve been on this journey, how we continue to learn with every bump in the road a small success, and where our hopes might take us:

Beans and peas

Please, grab the beverage of your choice, enjoy your stay, and don’t miss a single adventureWe may be tired, but we’ve never been happier for it, and that’s the whole point 🙂


Do you have a phenomenal story to share or a burning question about urban farming, rural homesteading, or anything in between? Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.