With a BA in Environmental Education, over a decade of experience facilitating educational hands-on activities and programs with children as well as educational workshops with both children and the adults in their lives, coupled with the direct experience I’ve gained over the past several years from our adventures on our Urban Farm and now on our 11 acre homestead, I have developed a deep appreciation for the complex and diverse life that inhabits our Earth and how we can work with it.

I believe that growing one’s own food can have an amazing impact not only on one’s quality of life and pocketbook but can also positively affect our environment. Over the past few years I have undertaken a couple of projects that have reaffirmed my passions and am overjoyed to be able to offer them to you here in this space.

Both of the series listed below are aimed at inspiring you to lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by empowering you to take control of your food sources, treading a little gentler on our planet, and inspiring you to get out into nature with the kiddos in your life.

Reuniting Children with Nature

My decade of experience working directly with children in a hands-on setting has affirmed my belief that getting our hands dirty is a very good thing for the mind, body and spirit of each of us! So, for my Senior Project while obtaining my BA in Environmental Education through Prescott College, I created and gathered 52 hands-on activities from a variety of sources and put together a guide that could be easily used by parents, guardians and educators alike.

Environmental Education

Every activity is a low cost, hands-on activity that can be facilitated and experienced by anyone who has a passion for nature and who believes that a child’s time spent in nature is not only important but necessary.

You can read more about the project and get links to all of the activities here.

The Local Bite Challenge

In the spring and early summer of 2014, I hosted a local eating challenge called Local Bite! It was a 100-day challenge that encouraged participants to incorporate more local foods into their diets.

Local Bite FB Cover - 3

Over the course of 100 days, alongside hundreds of participants worldwide, we challenged ourselves to learn more about our local food systems while eating a more local diet. The challenge included mini, weekly challenges, guest perspectives, and a huge giveaway! It was lots of fun, incredibly inspiring and yes, challenging!

You can read all about it here and, if you’re so inspired, implement some of the challenges in your own life starting today!