Homesteading is characterized by the lifestyle choices one makes to increased their self-sufficiency in a consumer-driven and waste-filled world.

It can look very different depending on who you ask but often includes creative agricultural practices, home preservation of food, the care and keeping of livestock, a Do It Yourself approach, and a depth of spirit and passion that I found to be quite unparalleled.

In these pages you will find captured moments along our journey that have brought us, one step at a time, to a life filled with the intention to consume less and produce more while understanding fully that we are all interconnected and true self-sufficiency is virtually impossible anymore…though it is a valiant dream to aspire to.

Dive into all things homesteading here, or explore by topics:

  • Create (Crafty crafts of all kinds that keep my hands busy and my heart happy)
  • DIY (Because who doesn’t like to try something new and Rock It?!)
  • Food & Drink (Need I say more?)
  • Food Storage & Preservation (Because times of abundance allow us to prepare for the future, which is such a wonderful gift!)
  • House & Home (Truly at the heart of it all)
  • In the Garden (Where the cultivation of soil and spirit go hand in hand)
  • Livestock (Goats and LGDs and lots of cow and pig filled dreams)
  • Poultry (You know that chickens are the gateway animal, right? Yeah…)
  • Prepare (Because emergency preparedness is absolutely necessary no matter where you live)

I do hope you enjoy your stay, learn a bit along the way, and become inspired to begin (or deepen) your homesteading journey!