Harvest Totals

Is it possible to produce a significant amount of food on a tiny 1/8 acre city lot in the high desert?

The answer is YES!

Join us as we learn what fruits and veggies are best for our climate and our yard in particular while also learning the ins and outs of keeping backyard chickens and a top bar hive of bees!

Here’s what we have so far, in three years of tracking:
2011 = 183 lbs 11 oz
2012 = 506 lbs 5oz
2013 = 201 lbs 9 oz

For a total of just under 900 lbs of fruits, veggies, chicken and honey!

Please check out each individual Harvest page (in the drop down menu) for a detailed look at what we’ve grown, what has done well and what has not! Then, join us as we assess it all and decide very intentionally what will be growin in our 2014 garden in an attempt at our best harvest season yet! You know, given Mother Nature’s cooperation and all 😉


Got eggs? Don’t forget to check out our Egg Collecting page as well! It really is amazing how quickly those eggs add up!