Environmental Ed.

It is well known that children have an innate connection to the earth and all of its creatures.  They long to be out in nature, to get their hands dirty, explore and use their imagination.  They know that the earth is ours to take care of, without being told.  They find great joy in watching a lizard run across the steps ahead of them or in seeing a deer munching on the trees.  They love to sow seeds, pull weeds and eat kale.  Children thrive when given the opportunity to build a Fairy House out of natural materials or hide among the bushes or hang on the branches of a tree.

It is true that nature is dirty, it holds a lot of uncertainties and it is unfamiliar to our urban senses.  It is not, however, something to fear.  One step at a time, we can reestablish our relationship with Nature and in doing so, heal ourselves and our environment. What we should we afraid of is what might happen if we don’t heal our broken relationship with nature.

Reuniting Kids with Nature Activities

Each of the below activities is part of a series of low cost, hands-on activities that can be facilitated and experienced by anyone who has a passion for nature and who believes that a child’s time spent in nature is not only important but necessary.  My decade of experience working directly with children in a hands-on setting has affirmed my belief that getting our hands dirty is a very good thing for the mind, body, and spirit of each of us!  Each of these 52 activities was either created by me or gathered from a variety of sources as part of my Senior Project while obtaining my BA in Environmental Education from Prescott College.  I hope that you will allow yourself some time to get outside to play and learn with the children in your life!

(PLEASE NOTE: While I transfer all of my posts from my old blog to this new blog, some of the links may be wonky.  Thank you for your patience while I clear the dust!)

  1. Nature Journals
  2. Fairy Houses & Gnome Homes
  3. Bird Nests
  4. Habitat Building
  5. Make Your Own Play Dough
  6. Compass Creation
  7. Water Filters
  8. Quick Sand
  9.  Recycled Paper Beads
  10.  Erosion – One
  11.  Erosion – Two
  12.  Environmental Love Notes
  13.  Bark Rubbings
  14.  Recycled Veggies
  15.  Salt Crystals
  16.  Seed Bombs
  17.  Soil Search
  18.  Flower & Leaf Collection
  19.  Make Your Own Recycled Paper
  20.  Travelling Seeds
  21.  Owl Pellets
  22.  Butterfly Symmetry
  23.  Caterpillars to Butterflies!
  24.  Butterfly Lifecycle Mobile
  25.  Self Appreciation Caterpillars
  26.  Frog Lifecycle Mobile
  27.  Bird Feeders
  28.  Nature Walk
  29.  Weather Chart
  30.  Recipe: Squash & Tomato Bake
  31.  Visit a Community Garden
  32.  Recipe: Edible Birds Nests
  33.  Self Watering Containers
  34.  Recipe: Simple Apple Turnovers
  35.  The Living Teepee
  36.  Make your Own Flip Book!
  37.  Growth Chart
  38.  Germination Rates Experiment
  39.  Veggie Garden in a Bag
  40.  Bee Friendly Flower Patch
  41.  Seed Saving
  42.  Photo Scavenger Hunt
  43.  Photo Project
  44.  Dam Building
  45.  3D Flowers
  46.  Living Observation
  47.  Long Term Living Observation
  48.  Textured Landscapes
  49.  Recycled Egg Shells
  50.  Climb a Tree!
  51.  Build a Volcano
  52.  Snow Flakes


Have fun, get your hands dirty, enjoy the day!