I’m so glad you’ve found your way through the InterWebs and into our little corner of the world!


This could also be called, “How Two City Girls turned Urban Farmers became Rural Homesteaders and Survived.” 😉

  1. Ever Growing Farm was officially named & launched in 2011 in an effort to document our urban farming adventures in northern New Mexico.
  2. After seven years of urban farming, we took a leap of faith and decided to move outside of the city and rent some ag land until we were ready to purchase our “forever farm”.
  3. We currently keep Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Muscovy Ducks, a bunch of chickens, a handful of turkeys (seasonally), dogs (two old City Dogs and a young Great Pyrenees LGD), and cats (two Barn Cats and an old house cat)…though our dreams include a mini dairy cow (or two) and a handful of Kune Kune pigs. We also grow as much of our own food as is possible and are big advocates of supporting our local foodshed.
  4. Our journey towards producing more and consuming less has been quite an adventure of learning and growing (and having our asses handed to us) ever since! We are still figuring out so many things and are often humbled by all of Nature’s twists and turns.
  5. There are big dreams within these pages, within our hearts, and just around the bend. I know you want to know what’s in store for the coming weeks, months, and years…and so do I 😉 So, stick around, we might just inspire each other.


  1. I wear many hats. (But don’t we all?) I am a Mother (of a recent college graduate in Biology and Anthropology with a deep passion for Sustainable Food Systems and a four-year-old who loves animals and adventures and who keeps me on my toes and keeps me young at heart), Wife (to the strongest, funniest, most amazing woman I know), Photographer (of all things farm related), Farmer (but you knew that already), and non-profit Program Director (working with and for Farmers in Northern NM to support them on their own journeys and with their own businesses).
  2. I like to challenge myself. I am an advocate for local eating and drinking even though I still eat out more often than I should and love coffee that is made by someone else. I also have a degree in and deep passion for environmental education (completed after many, many years in college, most of which happened while raising my first daughter alone),  and have found the best way to learn anything is by getting my hands dirty and just doing it.
  3. I don’t like boxes, but I do like lists. I am a left-handed, Clairvoyant, Sagittarian, tattoo lover. At the same time, I’ve happily accepted being a “concrete-sequential” type who loves lists and having a plan. Uncertainty is not my friend. (Insert your question here about why on earth I may have chosen farming as a path given its consistent uncertainty and I’d probably shrug my shoulders and say something about how the soil moves within me and I simply can’t help myself.) I’m also a big goofball who takes life very seriously, a die-hard feminist and proud #resister. I do my best to not make assumptions about anyone’s story or history and greatly appreciate when the same gift is given to me.
  4. I believe that life is good… So.very.good…even when it is hard. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and the Universe provides us with exactly what we need, when we need it, whether we understand it all in the moment or not.


When I’m not at work, digging in the garden, out wrangling the animals, plotting our next homesteading steps, puddle jumping with my Little One, or collecting eggs, I can also be found killing some copious (?!) free time:

  1. On Instagram – Instagram is my online Happy Place. Beautiful photos, inspiring people, fun community. My favorite social media platform, hands down.
  2. With a hook in my hand or
  3. Trying desperately to stay awake long enough to watch The Walking Dead, GOT, or Grey’s Anatomy or read an actual book.

Thank you for joining us on this ever-growing journey of ours, I couldn’t be happier that you’re here with me!

Grab a cuppa and stay a while 🙂



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