Launched in 2011 as a space in which aspiring Urban Farmers could follow our adventures and (hopefully) learn a few things along beside us, this blog has evolved just as quickly as our family has.

See, after seven years of building out our Urban Farm, we decided to take a leap of faith and rent a rural homestead as a middle step between where we were and where we want to (eventually) be! The 11-acre homestead we found and currently rent is the perfect middle step and we are so happy we took the (terrifying) leap!

In this space, you’ll find a mix of our urban learnings and rural adventures, DIYs, Tutorials and How To’s, and the day to day adventures that keep us on our toes, have us counting our blessings, and encourage us to reflect how we got to this moment on the crazy journey of ours!

Can you believe this all started with a single book?

Yep. Honestly and truly. (Though surely there were other seeds planted within us as well 😉 )

See, a little over a decade ago I read Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall and had my AHA Moment about my place in the wide and deepening damage that was (and still is) being inflicted on this lovely earth of ours. She offered easy, actionable steps toward softening our footsteps and working to heal our environment (you know, buy a reusable water bottle, eat less meat, carpool when you can, etc).

And so this City Girl started thinking about growing food, keeping chickens and bees…producing more and consuming less…and it’s been an adventure of learning and growing (and having my ass handed to me) ever since!

Luckily, my lovely Partner and I are equally adventurous and invested in this path we’re on! It also helps that our youngest, Ember, is truly a Farm Girl at heart. I honestly cannot imagine this girl of ours growing up anywhere but surrounded by animals, fresh air, and just-picked fruits and veggies!

And so here we are, surrounded by goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys (seasonally), dogs, cats, wide open spaces, a million ideas, and unlimited possibility (while working full-time non-profit jobs an hour away from our homestead in an effort to build ourselves up to one day, eventually, owning our very own (income generating) Homestead/Farm/B&B!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I am a Mother (of a college student studying Biology and Anthropology with a focus on Sustainable Food Systems and a toddler who keeps me on my toes and keeps me young at heart), Wife (to the strongest, funniest, most amazing woman I know), Photographer (of all things farm related), Hobby Farmer (but you knew that already), and non-profit Program Director (working with and for Farmers in Northern NM to support them on their own journies and with their own businesses).
  • I am an advocate for local eating and drinking even though I still eat out more often than I should and love coffee that is made by someone else.
  • I have a degree in and deep passion for environmental education,  and have found the best way to learn anything is by getting my hands dirty and just doing it.
  • I am a left handed, Clairvoyant, Sagittarius, tattoo lover, and die-hard feminist.
  • I believe that life is good, even when it is hard, and that everything happens for a reason.
  • I also believe that the Universe provides us with exactly what we need, when we need it, whether we understand it all in the moment or not. (Yes, this even applies to surprise kitties dumped at our gate the morning after our goat Mama gave birth the twin boys and we surely didn’t need more mouths to feed. Enter, Ben and Jerry, the best barn cats ever.)

So what do I do when I’m not in this space?

I can be found at work, digging in the garden, out wrangling the animals, plotting our next homesteading steps, puddle jumping with my toddler, collecting eggs, doing reading and healings, occasionally writing for other platforms, or killing some copious (?!) free time on:


Instagram is my Happy Place. Beautiful photos, inspiring people, fun online community. My favorite social media platform, hands down, and where you will find me most often.


Facebook is where you’ll find links to blog posts (my own and those of other bloggers I like ad respect) and helpful articles with the occasional Instagram pics thrown in.


Pinterest saves all of the brilliant ideas I come across for later. Barring an Apocolypse, it will continue to be my Go-To place for all the ideas I’d like to tackle but just can’t right.this.moment. A good place to start is my Homesteading Board if you’re looking for that kind of (specific) inspiration. However, in the event of an Apocolypse, a real Library of resources will be super helpful. Find mine here.

Thank you for joining us on this ever-growing journey of ours, I couldn’t be happier that you’re here with me!

Grab a cuppa and stay a while 🙂