Putting Up

Putting Up

For years I participated in the weekly Harvest Monday link ups (previously hosted by Daphne, but now residing, thankfully, with Dave).

I was so proud of every single ear of corn, apple, bush bean and kale leaf. I’d harvest it all, bring it all in, and painstakingly weight it *and document it.

An ounce here, a few pounds there.

Every single harvest counted and I loved every single minute of it!

And then, when we moved away from our little Urban Farm, it all stopped.

Not for lack of want, but first for lack of literal space, then for capacity despite an abundance of space.

I’ll tell you what, I sure do miss the diversity we used to pull from the garden.

And I miss being home from work in 6 minutes flat.

And I miss the controlled growing environment of raised beds and drip irrigation.

Putting Up - Grape Jelly

But I still don’t miss the sirens.

Or the pollution right outside my door.

Or how limited I felt by our tiny, confined space in the city…

Despite the little oasis we created smack dab in the middle of my home town.

And so, with no looking back and time still at a premium, I find myself (this year, at least) doing more preserving of other people’s bounties than of my own (though we’ll see what our gorgeous corn block gives us over the next couple of weeks).

And that’s totally OK.

So, with Autumn right around the bend, a chill in the morning air, and an itch to pull out the water bath and pressure canners, we’ve spent many hours already putting up raisins and grape jelly, pickled cukes and beets, dried cherries and frozen cherries (and let’s not forget the cherry Brandy that’s “cooking” in the liquor cabinet), a few frozen peaches and several jars of pickled peppers.

(On top of the canned beans we’re consistently putting up and eating and putting up and eating.)

And I’d like to still put up some canned peaches, some apple sauce, a few jars of relish, some tomatoes and, if I can find the energy in me, some salsa!

And never could I forget the marathon green chile canning party we have ahead of us in addition to sending some poultry to Freezer Camp.

One day hopefully, sooner rather than later, I’ll find the time and capacity to grow a diverse kitchen garden again.

(Oh, what Heaven that will be!)

Until then, though, I’m grateful for those who grow our food full time and remain in awe of those who juggle work outside the home (and/or young children) with a productive garden.

Putting Up - Pickled Peppers

And this fall, mark my words, we won’t make the same mistake we did last year and we will plant some garlic.

Never again will I not plant garlic.


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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