If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

I’d greet you with a great big hug and thank you for joining me on this fine September morning!

I’m in awe that it’s been since February (yes, February!) that we’ve taken the time to sit together for a while and catch up! But we’d chuckle it off and decide on a beverage before curling up in our respective chairs and getting down to business.

Life is often funny that way.

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask you how you’ve been? How have your spring and summer have treated you? Did you grow a garden? Take a vacation? If you have kiddos, I’d ask how their summer fun proceeded and if their transition back to school was a smooth one?

We’ve been terribly busy and so we kept the garden simple this year in an attempt at keeping our sanity in check. We planted blue corn, pinto and bolita beans, some summer and winter squash, and a few tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos. Simple as it was, Mother Nature thought we could do even better and promptly took care of everything but the corn and beans.

And so it is.

Both drying varieties, I’m patiently waiting for the blue to blush and the beans to finish up…though I haven’t ventured inside the corn in a bit because it’s all fairly dense and quite tall…but I trust it’s all doing it’s thing and am anxious to harvest this first venture into drying varieties!


If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if you are ready for Autumn? Do you love all things Pumpkin Spice Latte and spiders and cozy sweaters, falling leaves and the crisp smell of morning and harvest abundance?

I am ready.

So ready.

I love Autumn. All of it. Β The smell, the coziness, the return inward.

Summer is magical and full and lush and hot and hard and absolutely lovely…

And there’s a softness to Autumn that I relish.

And so, I’m looking forward to the preservation (grapes and peaches and okra, oh my!) of our abundance and that of other farmers. And I’m looking forward to crocheting more and moving less, to dreaming more and working less, to pulling inside (literally and figuratively) and tending the fire.

Autumn Harvest Sunflower with Bee

If we were having coffee…

Speaking of dreams…

I’d ask you how your Dreams are coming along? Are you dreaming? Scheeming? Planning? In mid-dream or on the other side, living it up?

Kim keeps sending me these Craigslist ads for gorgeous properties all over the desert southwest. Some in NM, some in CO, some elsewhere. And they’re gorgeous and literally dreamy…

And way out of our current price point.

But they keep me dreaming.

And they keep us talking.

Talking about what we want on our Forever Farm…Talking about what we don’t want on our Forever Farm…Talking about sweeping ideas and tiny details.

We want so badly to be there, to be building up on these dreams of ours in real time, hammer in hand, exhausted and sweaty, watching (in real time) our dreams manifest themselves into reality.

It’s all getting closer, just not quite close enough to touch.


If we were having coffee…

I ask what’s on your agenda for the weekend? All play and no work? I surely hope so πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, I’d have to say that it’s now time for me to go. I do have to work today and the Market will be bustling with the abundance of a rich summer. Β And while my task list is long, the sooner I get there, the sooner I can get home!

And there are grapes to harvest and preserve (and maybe I’ll bring home a few other goodies from the Market today)…

And there is a duck shelter to build for Kitty and her soon-to-hatch final clutch of the year

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a movie or two in with my wife as we quietly celebrate our Wedding Anniversary on the 5th.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and week ahead! May it bring all the joy your heart can hold and then some.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Kathleen

    Happy Anniversary!! Wow, you sound like you are already living the dream!! I tried my hand at a garden and when I finally figured out how to keep the darn squirrels from digging up everything, I’ve managed to have basil and green onions so far! LOL I’ll start earlier next year.. Hope to chat further next week!

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Hello and thank you! Definitely living the middle step of our dream and so very happy to have the opportunity to rent such a gorgeous homestead while we search for our Forever Farm! Congratulations on your onions and basil! Gardening is a constant learning! Every property and every season is different! It’s all part of the beauty of it πŸ™‚ Happy harvesting!

  2. Linda

    Happy anniversary for the 5th! And wishes for many many happy years ahead πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    I send my wife house adverts too…and yeah, totally out of our price range as well…some crazily so! And we laugh at the hard white spaces people create for themselves, the manicured paddocks, the excess…and dream over the rustic houses with falling down fences and cobwebby barns.

    May both our dreams come true! Happy September Melissa 😊

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Thank you for the Anniversary wishes, Linda! <3

      How funny that you send along property dreams as well! I think it keeps us moving in that direction mentally and emotionally, if not physically yet! I truly love it πŸ™‚

      And yes, truly and deeply, may both our dreams come true! Happy September, Linda!

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