They’re breeding like…ducks?!

They’re breeding like…ducks?!

When Kitty set her clutch in January, I thought she was a bit off her rocker…

But I rolled with it and let her do her thing, trusting her instincts over my human worry.

When she hatched out nine of 15 eggs I thought that seemed about right given the temperature fluctuations and such, but what do I know?

As you know, only four of her nine hatchlings actually pulled through, but have since done wonderfully. They’re super independent and thriving. They tool around the farm like they own it and all the other animals leave them be, even our sometimes too curious Huskey mix, Mika.

Then, after laying several eggs in silly places (like under trees that were easily accessed by hungry dogs and such), Kitty and Red’s only remaining daughter from Kitty’s 2016 clutch decided to set up shop on the property next door.

Nature, again, making its way.

(Yes, I fully admit, that this line breeding freaks me out a bit, though I’ve done research and apparently it’s not even a big deal in terms of genetics and such…and many intentionally line breed to improve genetics…but yes, it still freaks me out.)

And so, we’ve let her set her clutch under Alfred’s tree between the driveway and the acequia, and we have no idea how many eggs she’s sitting on or when they might hatch.

I imagine she’ll simply show up one day with a bunch of ducklings in tow and I just hope we’re home to contain the dog’s curiosities.

While these four beauties have been growing in leaps and bounds and becoming such sweet, independent members of the farm, Kitty has been busy laying (and feathering) another nest. Holy wow, it's a busy Spring in the duck department! • Wondering about the spot on the white one's head? Yeah…that's officially a Mohawk that's just shown up in the last week! Also, those are, officially blue eyes! I didn't even know ducks could have blue eyes!? • #ducks #muscovyducks #ducksofinstagram #backyardpoultry #backyardpoultrymag #freerange #lifeisbeautiful #farmlife #farming #hobbyfarm #farmtotable #simpleliving #natureisbeautiful #farmscene #instagramersnm #raisingducks #poultrypose #pestcontrol #lifeofadventure #iamcountryside #nothingisordinary #ducklings #eggs #nest #featherednest #spring #homestead

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And if that weren’t enough, Kitty is officially setting another clutch.

She attempted to do so in Ricky’s shelter again but he needs it (or we need it to keep him away from our girls while they finish up their pregnancies because he’s a jerk) so I moved her single egg into the duck shelter and there she has continued to lay.

Yesterday there were ten eggs, today there are eleven…and she’s begun feathering the nest.

And so, time will tell how many fluffy butts actually hatch and survive but man, what a tear they’re on!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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