And then there were four…

And then there were four…

You guys. . .

I’ve debated even writing about this because I’m still coming to terms with the rough patch we’ve hit with Kitty’s clutch of ducklings. . .

But in the interest of transparency and showing the reality that is farm life. . .

As well as in simply documenting this journey of ours. . .

I know it’s important to share this in this space.

And so, in numbers:

  • Kitty set 15 eggs in total (not the 12 I’d counted up to before she set up camp in January)
  • Nine hatched
  • One died that first day
  • Four more have died in the last week and a half

Which leaves us with four.

There have been drownings, predators, tramplings, and the unknown.

And so, I’m trying to remember that Nature has her way of taking care of things, even if I don’t understand it or like it.

Duckling laying on Kitty

My heart aches for Kitty. . .

And it aches for Ember every time she asks “Where are all the other babies, Mama?”

And yet, we are left with four beautiful, happy, curious ducklings. . .

And our hearts are still so very hopeful and very grateful!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  2. Bill

    Reality, as you say. And it really sucks sometimes. One year we hatched 12 chicks in a clutch and they disappeared one at a time, then the hen was gone too. A real punch in the gut.

    I’m hoping your four survivors go on to live long and healthy lives on your place. Best wishes.

  3. Linda

    Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry to read that. Nature is harsh some times. Who knows the reasoning. She goes about what she does, often unnoticed by us, unless we look…then it can be awful and beautiful and amazing and terrifying all at once. I’m hoping the remaining four are destined to reach their full potential xxx Thankyou for sharing the honest picture xxx

  4. Jen

    We’re going through a lot of the same here. It’s hard, especially with kids involved. But, yes as you said I just keep reminding myself theres reason for it and reason for why we do this.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      I’m sorry to hear that, Jen. It is such a hard process, but so valuable at the same time. I do hope you’re practicing some self care! xoxo

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