If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

I’d greet you with a big, fat hug and thank you for joining me on this gloomy February day!

The sun has been shining on all the peaks and valleys, the blue skies whispering of Spring, and the warmth of the days has been calling me outside, begging for movement and action…until today!

Yes, it actually feels a bit like winter again all of a sudden, which is to be expected, I guess, since it actually is winter 😉 But all the warm weather spoiled me and now I’m just ready for warm weather for the duration.

Do tell!  How you’ve been, what have you been up to, and how have your days been treating you? I’d love to hear all about your friends, work, family, how your weather’s been, and what your plans are for spring!

If we were having coffee…

I might tell you that work has been kicking my ass but I’m finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In the thick of budget building, program auditing and rebooting, and peak training and farm conference season, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and waiting for it all to shift. I’m not sure there’s actually an end point, but at least I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore and after this coming week things should open up a bit again 🙂

I’m actually quite excited about this week because I won’t be in the office but for a couple of hours on Tuesday!  See, one of the major benefits of my job is that I get to facilitate learning experiences for our local farmers…which means I get to learn alongside them while I’m at it!  So, this week I get to learn all about rainwater harvesting design and construction from none other than Billy Kniffen, and I’ll get to attend one day of the NM Organic Farming Conference!

So, while I’m exhausted, work could definitely be worse 😉

If we were having coffee… 

I might mention our new pup, the 43 eggs in the incubator on our kitchen counter, and that Kitty is being such a good mama on her clutch of 12!  Life is busting forth on the property in big ways already and our goats won’t even give us their contribution for another few months!  Though Mama is already looking quite wide and has me wondering how many she might have in there this time…One? Two? Five?!

Time will tell.

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And…we haven’t even brought in this year’s turkeys yet either!


Plus, there’s a garden to plan and a field to walk to determine what, if anything, will be grown there this summer.

I swear, sometimes I truly question my sanity.

If we were having coffee…

I’d ask if you signed up for Marisa’s Mastery Challenge?

I enjoyed the January Marmalade Challenge and am looking forward to February’s Salt Preserving Mastery Challenge, though I haven’t made a single recipe yet!

Since I made lemon and dill salt a couple of years ago and yet I still want to keep this all as simple as possible while trying new things, I’m thinking I’d like to give this a try this month!

Do tell!  Have you ever made (or tried) salted egg yolks?!  I’m so intrigued 🙂

We also still have some grapes and mulberries in the freezer from last year that need to be processed before it’s grape and mulberry season again…so there’s work to do on the preservation front beyond the challenge, too.

And yes, it could be worse.

If we were having coffee…

It would be time to say goodbye.  I’d wish you a lovely week ahead and thank you for spending some time with me here in this space!

But before you go, I’d like to formally thank Diane for being our fearless #weekendcoffeeshare host!  I know I’ll miss her voice as our host (as I’m sure you will, too), but I’m excited for her and know that Nerd in the Brain will be a grand host!  I admit I’m not able to show up for coffee as often as I’d like to, but I’m grateful for the company when we all come together 🙂

Until next time!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  2. Dale

    How exciting to work/live on a farm. My late husband and I wanted to get ourselves a little mini one that would be easy to manage and teach our boys how to care for things but that project had to be canned. I know it is hard work but it must be so satisfying…

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      It is very exciting…and so exhausting! Especially since we both work full time off the farm as well! I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s passing and the loss of your farm goals! I do hope you’ve found some new dreams to run after <3

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