Great Pyrenees Puppy

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Kim and I have talked, at length, about getting another Great Pyrenees puppy.

Really, since before we even brought Akuna onto the farm, having two Great Pyrenees LGDs has always been part of the conversation.

In the whirlwind that has been our lives over the past two years, though, it never seemed like the “right time” to bring another dog into the mix (despite Kim’s insistence and hopeful regular texts with links to ads and cute GP puppy pics).

As the topic continued to come up, though, we began getting serious about our Pros and Cons lists and thinking about when the “right time”/best time might be to bring a Great Pyrenees puppy onto the farm and into our lives.

We discussed training and outdoor time, pack dynamics and predator back up, cost and payoff.

We looked and looked, made phone calls and shot emails into Internet Land, visited and decided. . .

And finally came home with the sweetest Great Pyrenees puppy there ever was (aside from Akuna, of course),

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Enter this handsome, Badger face, 8-week-old male who was born about an hour and a half away from us, way up in the Mountains near Taos.

His mom and dad are gorgeous, super sweet, and super chill.

And, of course, Ember is totally and completely in love with this little guy.

He is spending some time inside with us and more time outside with the animals and other dogs (under our supervision) and learning the property.

His home base will be with the goats, and he will become Akuna’s other half, providing additional safety and security for us all.

But for now he’s just a sweet, itty bitty fluff ball who bounces everywhere he goes, sleeps a lot, and has the best puppy breath you ever did smell.

Great Pyrenees Puppy

What this pup doesn’t have yet is a name!

Akuna means “the way forward”/to know and to follow. (Also: flowing water.)

We chose her name for its meaning as we embarked on our new adventure on this gorgeous rental property of ours in 2014 because we saw it as a reminder of our path, of this ever-growing dream of ours to eventually live and work on our very own homestead.  Investing in her (as an LGD) was an investment in our dream.  It was a confirmation that we will not move back into the city/go backward…that we will continue forward on this ever-winding road we’re on and keep our goals and dreams at the forefront of what we’re doing all day every day until we get there (and then we’ll dream up some new dreams).

Given all this, we’re thinking this fluff ball deserves an equally profound name. . .he just hasn’t told us what that is yet.

And so we wait!

(And are open to suggestions if you have them!)


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  3. Linda

    Omg! He is just the sweetest! No ideas for names, we let the kids name ours…so we have Peppa ( after the pig…but it’s a dog ) Hoolie ( after a children’s to presenter from Scotland ) and Annie and Clarabell cats ( from the Thomas trains ). Clarabelle is a boy lol I’d say be careful though…Hoolie also has a Gaelic meaning of party…he is a nutcase, we have a chicken called Henrietta after a kids book chook who goes adventuring…Henrietta is an escapologist! Perhaps he needs a name that means calm and sensible ha!

    Enjoy your sweet beautiful new addition! I think I could kiss him all day lol

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Thank you, Linda! Still no name! Ember keeps saying his name is…something we can’t quite make out! She says it over and over and is certain she’s got it…it’s just not a word we recognize and when say names it might be she says no. So…yeah…

      He’s got to have a name soon though or he’ll think it’s just “Pup”!

  4. Wendy

    We have two Pyrs. They are amazing to watch as they coordinate their work around the farm. Every morning and every afternoon they do a perimeter check of the entire property. They go around and smell and mark the territory. So fascinating to watch.

    If there is a perceived threat, one LGD goes out to warn it off and the other stays back with the animals. We are thinking of getting another now.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      They really are so amazing, aren’t they?! I am looking forward to Akuna having some backup and feeling a bit more secure instead of like she has to carry the weight of the farm all on her own! Thank you for reinforcing our decision with your own experiences <3

  5. Trent

    He’s very cute! Love the picture with him sleeping with your daughter. I hope you come up with a profound name soon before he thinks his name is “Ahhhhh!”.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Lol…right?! We’ve been trying to mix it up…Pup…Boy…Dude…Little Man…so he doesn’t think his name is any of the above. We’ll have to decide quick, though!

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