We purchased a defective incubator and I am so heartbroken about it.

Defective Incubator

Two days ago I shared my excitement around the two incubation processes happening on the farm and how the conversations around these processes with Ember have evolved.

Two nights ago our incubator started losing temp rapidly.

We googled what could be happening and reread the manual and finally emailed the manufacturer outlining the issue and expressing our concern for our 43 chicken eggs.

Then, after many pressed buttons and resets, the temp leveled out and we seemed to be back on track.

We were nervous, for sure, but back on track.

Yesterday morning we received an email from the manufacturer stating that the incubator must be defective and that they would issue a refund.

This didn’t help with the nerves, but the temp was still where is should be, at least.

But then, last night, on day nine of incubation, the temp plummeted again and wouldn’t go back up no matter what we did.

So, this morning, after a sad, short, and forced conversation, we surrendered to the fact that, after hours and hours of way-too-low temps, we’d lost all those itty bitty almost chicks.

Defective indeed.

I am so heartbroken. . . so mad and so sad and so disappointed.

And so I’m beating myself up about not doing more research about the incubator we purchased before purchasing it. . .about not being more diligent about checking reviews and reading threads about challenges and issues. . .about the weight and responsibility of it all.

Ugh 🙁


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Jenn

    So sorry you lost your dear baby chicks due to malfunctioning equipment. I’m more surprised that the company wasn’t willing to ship out a replacement ASAP and to have you return the defective equipment. After all, there are lives at stake.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Thank you, Jenn. Yes, their lack of compassion or awareness of/willingness to acknowledge what their defective product actually did solidified my unwillingness to ever do business with them again 🙁

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  3. Linda

    Oh Melissa! I am so sad to read this post. Sorry for your dream, sorry for the losses, sorry for the stretch little Ember will have to make to embrace this reality. Sending you a cyber hug. Go easy on yourself xxx

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