Just for Fun – Slow Motion Chicken Antics Video

Just for Fun – Slow Motion Chicken Antics Video

I was given some apples yesterday by one of our local farmers which made the chickens so incredibly happy!

Apples!!! In February?! WooHoo!!!

While taking some shots for Instagram, I became enthralled with their behaviors and decided to take a slow motion video to try to capture some of their mannerisms in a way that could be looked at a little more closely (yes, I am, in fact, just a big nerd at heart).

The video is below.

It starts out at normal speed and then slows down, capturing the snacking on apples and then an interaction between our Roo and one of our hens which one might think is the climax (eh-hem) but what excited me most was the feather action and shaking off of the interaction afterward.

Chickens really are the strangest (and coolest) dino-birds!

And so, without further adieu, I give to you the best slow motion chicken antics video you may see all day 😉


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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