Shown, Unshown – January 2017

Shown, Unshown – January 2017


  • I do believe Mama is officially pregnant!  How do I know without a blood test or an ultrasound? She’s asking for love and letting me pet her again, with a passion 🙂  She is usually very aloof, but we learned last year that this changes dramatically when she’s pregnant. So, YAY! (Pretty sure Lucy & Ethel are pregnant, too, though they’re behavior hasn’t changed yet.)
  • I’m in the process of organizing all of my seeds and am very excited about the new boxes I got to help me with the hundreds of packets I have!  Who knew itty bitty seeds could be such a cumbersome things?!
  • Forgive the horrible photo, but you might remember our discovery that Akuna was getting into the Chicken Coop and eating the eggs (and grain, probably). Well, apparently she still does it when we forget to close up the chicken run. What you see in the blurry picture above is her tail end as she jumped out of the coop and scurried away, knowing she was in trouble!  Opportunistic stinker!
  • We had a horrible cold snap come through last week that left us all shivering and begging for some respite!  4* may not be low for some, but we are spoiled here in NM. Single digits get us all in a tizzy!  Hence the happily sun and dirt bathing chickens above. The spent hours over they weekend cleaning themselves off and warming the chill in their bones. I happily did the same 🙂


  • Kitty is officially setting her clutch!  I don’t have pictures ready yet (can you believe it?!) but will get some up here as soon as possible!  If all goes well, we should have some sweet little ducklings at the beginning of March!
  • We’re thinking about getting a few meat rabbits!  Not to breed just yet, but to get used to and have around until we are ready. I’d love your (kind and open-minded) thoughts on this potential new adventure if you have any direct experience with such things!
  • Still no movement on the possibility of a local farmer using our field and teaching us in the process. Part of me is hopeful and part of me feels like we’re already at capacity so adding this might be a bit too much, but we’ll see. It would be pretty cool to learn the skill of planting a field and watering it via the flood irrigation from the acequia, but it will all happen in time, I am sure.
  • We’re planning to get some of our chicken eggs in the incubator next weekend and are studying up about it!  We almost made the mistake of just jumping in on this one but decided we should do a bit of research first. Alas, my patience will be tested a bit, but it’ll all be worth the wait!

There you have it!  A few quick snippets to get us all caught up…or mostly caught up!  I’ve got a bunch of posts dancing in my head, just not the time to get them all down just yet, so stay tuned 🙂

I do hope your January treated you wonderfully and that February will welcome you beautifully!

I’d love to hear about your recent adventures, dreams, and schemes!  Do tell, what’s happening in your neck of the woods?


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    Lots going on for you guys even in winter! No thoughts around meat rabbits, except I don’t believe I’m fond of rabbit as a meat from childhood memories. I see lots of pins on Pinterest about keeping them though.

    I am excited for Mama mello being pregnant! I loved following last time as she had her kids 🙂 I’m also excited for kitty and her clutch. Your farm will be teaming with life!

    You have cold, we have hot! I won’t say heat wave, as I believe the one day a week respite were getting means it’s not an official heat wave, but it was a very hot January for us! So many days above 30C ( which is hot for the place I live ) too many days 35C plus. Our home isnt designed for such heat, we do better in the cold 😉 luckily it’s also been pretty wet, lots of storms, so our wild fire risk is generally lower.

    Only things happening here is the start of our school year! As homeschoolers, that doesn’t mean so much 😉 but I now have a kid in every main school phase…kindy, primary and high school!

    Also we’re finally planing the dispatch of our roosters. One got a cold a few weeks ago, so we put it off.. Looks like this weekend 😬 Wish us luck!

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      You know, we’ve talked about rabbits for years and now (soon) just seems like the right time 🙂 We’ll see!

      We are so excited about Mama! Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm! I’m hoping for twin girls, maybe even one of them blue eyed 😉 I have zero say in his though soooo 😉

      I have been hearing about your “heat wave”! Sounds intense! I’m ready for less cold but not ready for the height of summer heat yet! Stay cool and hydrated!

      I’d love to hear more about how you homeschool your Littles! I know it’s a loaded question but we’re thinking about homeschooling (well, UNschooling E) so I’d love to hear about your approach if you’re willing to share!

      And last but not least…Best of luck with your roosters. May they go peacefully and may you be at peace with the process. Be kind to yourselves and offer whatever ritual you can offer to the process. xoxo

      1. Linda

        Well for what it’s worth, I’ll put in my fingers crossed for twin girls this time round for Mama 😉

        We’re trying to stay cool, lots of cold water and home made ice blocks! Cool showers and hose play 🙂 tomorrow and We’d should be cooler yay!

        We actually unschool the kids here too. They’ve been always unschooled. We aren’t radical unschoolers, but ALL education is totally unschooled 🙂 my eldest two are fully self taught readers, no actual curriculum, we say the eldest is doing horse curriculum 😉 it’s a huge learning curve and deschooling path for us as parents…just gotta trust! It works well for the kids and I love being their learning supporter!

        1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

          Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to stay cool!

          How fun to hear that you unschool! We have some preparing to do to set the foundation for me to be able to be home with E to do so, but I’m excited about it! I may pick your brain a bit as I officially venture down this path 🙂

      2. Linda

        Oh forgot! The roosters, yes, it went well. The three of us on the spectrum were able to just get on with the process and talk about it as we went. My neurodiverse son, he needed to move about and wanted to get on with his woodwork project, so he came and went. My poor partner said she just supported and boiled water…like for the kids births 😂😂😂

        It seemed to take ages to get them entirely processed from start to in the fridge. We used as much of them as possible, for us, composting, the garden and the dogs ( who were both too fussy to be much interested.

        We would do it again. We’ve learnt a little too. We are thankful.

        1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

          Oh! So glad to hear the culling went well! It’s intense all around and we each find our own comfort with the process! Even boiling water helps 😉 Kim does the actual culling and gutting, I help with everything else. She doesn’t *like the process but is getting more and more comfortable with it…especially as we expand on the poultry we keep and she learns how different it is to do each one.

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