Muscovy Duck Cuddles

Muscovy Duck Cuddles

Who knew that Muscovy Ducks would become some of my very favorite critters on the farm?!

Don’t get me wrong, I have a deep affinity for the chickens and goats and turkeys and barn kitties and dogs, too!  But the ducks just have me feeling all warm and fuzzy these days 🙂

From their quiet nature (no squawking from these ducks) to their sweet dispositions, the way they follow us around like puppy dogs (yes, hoping for worms and/or grain, but still) to the sweet way they lay together, cuddling the afternoons away and enjoying each sun spot they can find, Muscovy Ducks have totally won my heart.

Plus, the eggs, when they come, are completely and totally divine!

Granted, none of the cuddles are my own. . .they don’t appreciate being picked up and. . .have you seen the intensity of the massive claws that decorate their amazing little, webbed feet?!

Sharp as a razor!

That’s OK, though. I don’t need to cuddle all the critters 😉

And with Red & Kitty (shown here) leading the way for their three adolescents, I’m excited to see what the spring (and the next generation) will bring! We’re hoping for lots of eggs, a couple of clutches of ducklings, a full freezer at the end of the summer, and lots of laughter, cuddles, and pure sweetness in between.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  2. Linda

    Lol @Jessie!

    I’d love ducks here…but I’m not sure we have the space? I’d love Indian runner ducks as I think they are comically adorable…

    I wonder if you raised a duckling from hatch if it would let you cuddle it….. 😉

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Good question! My guess is yes! If you raised a duckling from hatch, they would probably be more likely to let you cuddle them…as long as their personality (nature) matched up, too 🙂

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