Morning Walk – New Year’s Day

Morning Walk – New Year’s Day

In order to celebrate a proper closing of 2016 and ring in the New Year with a (relative) bang, some friends spent the night with us on New Year’s Eve with their three-year-old.

The kids played and watched a couple of movies while we ate a Steam Pot, enjoyed desert, and treated ourselves to some Adult Beverages before we all called it a night before midnight (because we’re old).

And, truth be told, with my 4:45AM wake up time and full work day before joining the festivities mid-afternoon, I believe I was in bed by 10:00.

Yep, Party Animal, I tell you 😉

Oh! But we woke to such a gorgeous New Year’s Day!

Light, fluffy clouds dancing in the crisp blue sky…

Birds singing and fluttering about…

Cows calling from down the field…

A neighbor’s house that needed to be checked on…

Our animals who needed to be tended to!

And so we bundled up and ventured into the new day, the new year, with full bellies (French Toast for breakfast) and happy hearts!

It really doesn’t get much better, does it?

Friendship, food, wide open spaces, and critters to make you laugh (and wince at their slobbers)!

A perfectly perfect way to start anew.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    Indeed a perfect new year day!

    Ours started hot hot hot as we’ve had some high temps…but then by late afternoon, it was raining! Lovely and cool and relaxing. We sat around decorating little hands and arms with mehendi ( our tradition ) and enjoying slower paces for the day.

    Happy New Year Melissa!

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