2017 Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids For Sale

Whether you are interested in expanding your herd or starting from scratch, you must have found your way here because you’re interested in purchasing a goat (or two)!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are compact in size, provide lovely companionship, can help manicure your yard or larger property, and produce the most divinely creamy milk you may ever taste!

Our three mama goats delivered seven gorgeous kids for us on May 3, 2017 and, though we’d love to, we simply can’t keep them all. . .which could be a very good thing for you!

Check out the beautiful doelings we are selling this year and then feel free to contact us to with any questions you might have or to schedule a visit.

Mama Mello’s Doeling – $200 OBO

This doeling one of three (triplets!) born to Mama Mello (officially named Sunset Plains Carmello), our herd matriarch. Mama Mello is a wonderful milk producer with a gentle temperament.

This doeling is very cuddly and loves being around the rest of the herd. She is all brown, with beautiful dark brown markings on her face and ears and brown eyes like her mama.

Ethel’s Doeling – $200 OBO

This doeling is one of two (twins!) born to Ethel as a First Freshener. (Ethel is Mama Mello’s daughter.) Ethel has a very calm demeanor which makes her a wonderful first-time mom who also produces delicious milk. This doeling is quite independent and curious, though she adores cuddling with the other kids.

She is black with gorgeous white markings around her mid-section, on her ears, and on her tail. She has blue eyes like her Papa.

SOLD – Lucy’s Doeling – SOLD

This doeling is one of two does (twins!) born to Lucy as a First Freshener. Lucy, while independent as a doeling, has become such a Love Bug, is a great mom, and is a phenomenal milk producer. She is also polled (which means she doesn’t have horns, a very favorable trait for families with small children or for those who want to show their goats).

This doeling (who is identical to her twin and looks just like her Papa) is free-spirited and very curious. She is caramel in color with striking dark brown markings and blue eyes.

Ricky – Sire to All Three Doelings

Ricky joined our farm last fall and (aside from his stink) we couldn’t be happier with his disposition and his genetics.

Purchasing Details

Our goats are given the best of care to our ability.

Kids are vaccinated with CD/T and disbudded prior to leaving for their new homes.

We can not guarantee the health of any goat after leaving Ever Growing Farm as there are too many factors to take into consideration. We will welcome a full veterinary exam at the buyers expense on any kid prior to leaving our farm.

Kids will be weaned at approximately eight weeks of age, though this will vary based on each individual kid. We do not sell single goats, you must already own goats or they need to go as a pair as goats are herd animals and cannot live alone.

All goats must be paid for in full before leaving Ever Growing Farm.

We will consider a discount in pricing if you are interested in purchasing both remaining doelings.

Please contact us directly using the form below to discuss your interests in purchasing any (or all) of this year’s doelings.