Breeding Season

Breeding Season

Breeding Season appears to have actually been made up of just a few short Breeding Days. . .at least for Mama and Lucy. . .

Since Ricky’s arrival, our three ladies have been in such a tizzy!

Though in heat right before he got here, they all swiftly went back into heat and all had their peaks within days of each other.

Not sure if Ethel saw much action, butย I’m hopeful she did!

The hilarity that ensued in those days though in the form of jealousy, tail flicking, head butting, rear end smelling, space invading, and sulking (yes, Ethel is our sulker) had us all shaking our heads in amazement at the strength of Nature and her will to bring new life into the world.

breeding-season-ethel-sulking breeding-season-ethel-vs-lucy breeding-season-lucy-and-ethel breeding-season-ricky-and-mama breeding-season-ricky-mama-lucy breeding-season-the-buck-face breeding-season

It was apparent that this was Lucy, Ethel, and Ricky’s first breeding season. . .the uncertainty of it all was obvious and their confidence levels could benefit some practice.

But Mama, on the other hand, had this air about her like she knew exactly what was up and how to handle it all! ย She had Ricky rapped around her little hoof while Lucy and Ethel stayed busy doing battle with each other.

Ridiculous hilarity I tell you.

But, if everything took for all three girls (meaning, the boy does actually know what he’s doing despite his young age and inexperience) the ladies should begin kidding the first week in May.

Fingers crossed it all took and that they don’t all kid at the same exact time!

Oh! Also, we decided to dry Mama off despite her turning the corner and beginning to cooperate again after so many battles on the stand.

Ricky’s stink was just a bit much and, if she is pregnant, she’s better served putting her energy towards those Little Ones instead of our milk.

Maybe, just maybe, she’ll be better on the stand in 2017.

Again, fingers crossed.

And, before I go, I just want to say that never, ever, ever would I have imagined I would be watching the courting rituals of goats (and their sharing of calls, face-making, and actual fluids) with such fascination and feeling of importance. I think I’ve officially crossed some farming coming-of-age milestone or something ๐Ÿ˜‰


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    I love watching animal behaviour! The goats sound totally awesome in their courting and antics. I really hope your little billy goat did good! Can’t wait to follow their pregnancies ๐Ÿ™‚ girls all round this time!!

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