Fluffy Beast

Fluffy Beast

This girl, man…I love her to death and she drives me a bit batty on an almost daily basis.

Her intuition is strong and vibrant and therein lies the rub 😉

There are nights when I feel like a crazy person because she barks and barks and I can’t figure out what the heck she is barking at, though I know it has to be something because there are other nights when she barks and barks and when we go investigate we actually find a skunk or a raccoon attempting to wreak havoc or we simply open the door to tell her to stop and can hear the problem immediately…like other dogs on the perimeter or coyotes on the ridge or communicating with every dog in the Village as they warn about all the coyotes on every ridge.

And then, truly, there are times she is barking because she is disoriented by the falling leaves and/or the barn cats running through said leaves (yes, Barn Cats, Akuna…not Bobcats) or because there is no moon to help her see anything by or because there is a full moon that allows her to see everything.

And so, we continue to learn together.



Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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