November’s Crochet Project – Christmas Countdown Gingerbread House

November’s Crochet Project – Christmas Countdown Gingerbread House




Usually I refuse to incorporate any kind of Holiday Cheer into my daily life until the weekend after Thanksgiving (a lady can only take so much red and green, carols and decorations, ya know?) but I’ve made an exception for this project because, well, I was so inspired by it, the pattern is free (!!!), it’s incredibly cute, and it simply cannot wait until December to be started!

So, a week ago today I began this crochet Christmas Countdown Gingerbread House and I’m quite pleased with my progress so far!

A brand new-to-me stitch, corner-to-corner was easy to pick up and is super fun to watch evolve 🙂  I may have even found my new favorite way to make baby blankets!

What’s on your hooks (or needles) these days?


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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  1. Linda

    That looks like a sweet project for sure!! No crochet for me, my hands are too dirty with all the gardening I’m doing 😊😊😊

    Can’t wait to see this finished!

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