autumn-carpet autumn-grape-leaf autumn-leaves autumn-yellows-solo-leaf autumn-yellows-split autumn-yellows autumns-glow

We could stand to get some moisture (there’s an unbelievable amount of dryness and dust beneath all of the goregousness) but I’ll wait just a bit longer so as to hold on to the grace that is the property as the sunlight washes over and dances upon every visible surface and turns everything into pure, golden magic.

The glow of Autumn is the stuff of Gods & Goddesses, isn’t it?

Wishing you as much golden magic as your heart can hold, Friends.


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    You don’t call it Fall Melissa? I thought all Americans called Autumn Fall lol I’m forever adjusting my words around it 🙂 it is my favourite time of the year though! Your pictures are stunning as usual!

    Our spring is here, but it’s still cold where I live this weekend….I’m focussing on the new life and Monday’s hot temperatures 🙂

    I hope you get your moisture soon too x

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Ah yes…”fall” and “autumn”…but I prefer “autumn” 😉 And hey, we *did get a bit of moisture last week! It was so nice 🙂

      Hope your Spring is warming up a bit for you and that you’ve enjoyed a lovely weekend!

      1. Linda

        Yeah, it’s warming up more now, warm enough to start planting out and eating the first strawberries from the patch yay! I’m glad you got some rain 🙂

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