Shown, Unshown – September-into-October

Shown, Unshown – September-into-October

I’ve been missing this space and, being so full of so many stories to tell, unsure of how to make a re-entry. And so here we are, more than half-way through October and I’m barely editing many of September’s captures. I’ll chalk it up to the busy-ness of work and Studio Tour prep, farm life and family life.

All good, all exhausting.

I trust I’ll find the rhythm of this space again soon.  In the meantime, here’s a little September-into-October catch up.

beet-harvest ben-and-kim embers-afternoon-snack full-harvest-moon-sept-2016 goat-herd maran-rooster spider turkey-stock-with-red-chile white-leghorn-rooster-tail-feathers


  1. Our garden has been abandoned. Brown, crispy, begging for attention, and completely ignored. But there are beets and carrots and potatoes still calling our names and reminding us of the work (and the bounty) that still must be completed before we can pull ourselves inside for the cold months.
  2. Ben has become such a Love Bug. He also constantly tries to sneak inside the house.
  3. Ember has a deep affinity for grapes and relished every last one of them for as long as she could. At one point, she even rubbed one all over her face in an effort to prove her deep affinity for them 😉
  4. The September full moon was absolutely divine. I can’t always capture the full moon (be it the necessity for sleep, my shaky hands, or that I simply forget it’s happening until its fullness has passed), but it always thrills me when I do!
  5. Our small herd, caught in a calm, quiet moment.
  6. We lost our Maran Rooster last week. No signs of illness or trauma, we simply found him curled up and gone in the coop one morning. I am still so sad about it.  RIP Sir, you were a very good Rooster.
  7. I have no idea what kind of spider this beauty is, but could not resist capture this shot last month.
  8. The best cold remedy ever. Or at least the most comforting for this New Mexican: Hot turkey bone broth with garlic and red chile powder. It looks like something out of a Vampire Movie but soothes a sore throat and aching body like nothing else I’ve found. Yes, including chicken noodle soup.
  9. White Leghorn Rooster Tail Feathers. I don’t like this guy as much as I liked our Maran Rooster, but he’s yet to prove himself worthy of the stew pot so I’ll reserve final judgement. He might just grow up to be a Divine Protector


  1. The absolute perfection of the light through the trees as it dances on the fallen and falling leaves. Magic is afoot and reminding to look and be outside every possible second while I still can comfortably/before the snow flies!
  2. My aching heart at the thought of what’s to happen to our bucklings this weekend. It’s all part of the grander plan and the deal we made with ourselves when we decided not to carry them through the winter, but damn.
  3. Ember turned three on the 7th and we spent the day riding a horse, eating a picnic by Abiquiu Lake, rock climbing, and playplayplaying 🙂 As part of a continued Birthday Celebration, we also spent last weekend in Durango with some friends and their three-year-old where we rode the Peanuts Train, ate copious amounts of pizza and simply enjoyed getting off the block for a bit. There are a billion photos to look through, and I’ll get there, I swear 😉
  4. I’m trying to unplug from Facebook amid the disaster of this Election Season and the pure stress and sadness it causes.  The result of this is more time spent throwing fallen leaves in the air, chasing each other around, laughing wildly, and observing the goats/chickens/ducks/cats/dogs/light/smells/sounds. Awesome trade off, no?
  5. The first fire in the wood stove has occurred and was absolutely divine. We still sit in the time of year when a fire is not always necessary and when sometimes you think it’s necessary but then wind up hotter than hell and cracking open windows, but the first fire was necessary and it was absolutely divine.
  6. Akuna has found her way into the chicken coop, through the window, and is now eating the few eggs that are being laid while the Ladies are molting and protesting the shorter days and cooler nights.
  7. Speaking of eggs, I never did tell you about the Broody Buff and her tossed nest (not tossed by the above mentioned dog, but by the Buff herself). Stay tuned. I promise I have many a story in me to tell if not the time in which to do so right this minute.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    Thanks Melissa, my week is full….visiting the horse almost every day, and today was riding therapy…so yep more horses lol

    I’m glad E had a great time…no horse any time soon…lets see about that heeheehee…

    We ended up with four babies, number five didn’t make it, a late hatched one who just wasn’t ok. After doing some googling, I think we “may” have two boys and two girls….”may” lol Were moving their muma out on Monday as she’s done, and they will be 8w by then. It’s been the best experience!!

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      So glad to hear it’s been a good experience for you! I’m hopeful we’ll hatch out some chicks of our own soon (or watch a Broody mama do so)! Maybe next spring when it’s nice and warm again 😉

  2. Linda

    I enjoy reading and looking at this post Melissa, the business of your days, the fullness! I’m sorry to hear about the death of Sir. But I’m glad you knew him! We still don’t know the genders of the babies we have, but can’t keep them anyway if they’re boys.

    Our fire use is similar to yours, warmer days and cool nights…to light or not to light, that is the question…and yes, we’ve done the overheat…but also the not lighting and regretting it in the morning!

    Did E like the horse ride? We introduced our now 13yo to horses at a similar age. We’ve just bought her her first horse…I’m hoping you don’t have to go down that joyfully expensive road lol

    Enjoy your fall days and the fullness of life!

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Hi Linda! How *are those babies of yours doing? How many did you wind up with?

      E *loved her horse ride! She was such a pro…sat up straight, held on perfectly, I was blown away 🙂 This may become hobby though no horse of our own anytime soon 😉

      Hope you have a lovely week!!!

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