Granny Square Blanket – Complete

Granny Square Blanket – Complete

It’s finished!

It’s finally finished!

It took two full months and more brain power than I anticipated to complete (being a new-to-me stitch and all) but it’s all done and I’m pretty happy with my first ever Granny Square blanket!

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Granny Square Blanket - close up

Granny Square Blanket - completed

Granny Square Blanket (2)

Granny Square Blanket

I learned a ton along the way…including how badly I need to work on my knotting and my weaving of ends but have since found this tutorial for the Russian Join, so that should help as I go forward with my learning 🙂

Since finishing up I decided to take what was leftover of one of the skeins of yarn to make myself a winter hat!

Super simple. . . fluffy. . . cozy.

I figured I was overdue for a hat of my own since I’ve never actually made one for myself before now!

I figured I was overdue for a hat of my own since, well. . . I’ve never actually made one for myself before now!

New Hat

Sleepy, allergy-eyed selfies are the best, aren’t they 😉

New Hat - close up

Next up will be a new (light) winter hat for Ember since she’s surely outgrown the one I made her last year.

Yarn for Embers new hat

And after that?

A hat for Kim 🙂  Though, she still needs to pick out her yarn!

I’m enjoying these quick projects for the fulfillment they offer!  Completing a hat in a couple of hours feels very nice in comparison to the larger projects that, though wonderful in their own right, tend to pull on me a bit.

That being said, I have actually been playing with the idea of a temperature blanket in 2017!  Mostly because I’m obsessed with these rich jewel-like colors:

Now it’s your turn! What have you been creating these days? Are you knee deep in projects or are you looking for your next one?

Do tell! And if you have a photo, I’d love to see what you’re up to!


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  1. Linda

    Well done on getting the blanket finished Melissa!!! It looks lovely 🙂

    I’m still bringing mine together….but find myself in the garden more than the blanket…which is no bad way to procrastinate!

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