I’ve been reflecting on titles and labels a bit recently.

Maybe it’s the transition I’m making as I settle into my new job and introduce myself over and over and over again to people who seem genuinely curious about who I am. . .

Or the fact that Kim and I will celebrate a decade together on this journey of ours on the 28th and I’m feeling sentimental and so very grateful to have had her by my side through the thick and the thin of it all. . .

Or the fact that there is so much death and destruction happening to our people and our planet every minute of every single day. . .

Or the fact that I’m officially signed up for my very first (ever!) craft show this fall and there is so much to do to prepare for it and be fully present in it…

Or the fact that I will be celebrating The Big 40 this November, though birthdays don’t usually affect me. . . but this one feels big and important and good.

Sour Cherries


Regardless of what’s brought it on, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am in relation to those around me and how the pieces of my puzzle and the things I do that occupy my time, passion, and energy make up the whole of me.

And so, as one small piece of all these reflections, I’ve begun calling what we do Hobby Farming.

Because, we’re not full time farmers…and we’re kind of homesteaders…but really, when you get down to it, we’re farming as a (very expensive and time consuming) hobby in between family needs and work commitments and life in general.

And because, for the foreseeable future at least, this thing we’re doing won’t be bringing in any cold hard cash until we can step back from our paying jobs and shift our farm focus from evenings and weekends into an all-day-all-the-time sort of thing that does, in fact, become our primary source of income.

Which it will, eventually.

See, we have this crazy dream of actually, eventually, being self-employed and making a living on the farm. . .

Of running our very own FarmStay B&B with goats running around and an extensive Pick Your Own garden and chickens who lay delicious eggs that will be left in cute baskets on the doorsteps of our guests each morning and peace and quiet for all who come to stay with us!

And so that dream lies out in front of us, full of hope and inspirations and tangible steps forward.

And just as the Universe does, tests are laid out in front of us as well:

The exhaustion & the mile long to-do lists. . .

The roosters (five out of 16 chicks we brought in this year!) and Layers who aren’t laying because of the roosters. . .

The dogs who keep eating the escapee chickens. . .

The skunk family (Mom + five!) living in our Grandmother Tree. . .

The feed bills and all of mileage on the truck. . .

The bucklings we still haven’t gotten rid of yet and their Mama who we still haven’t gotten into a milking routine yet either. . .

The turkey who broke his leg and had to be dispatched ahead of schedule (along with several roosters because of the previously mentioned feed bills and egg shortages).

Oh boy.

Ember on the tractor

And yet, just as the Universe also provides balance to all things, gifts and rewards are laid out before us as well:

The gorgeous views from our back porch and the opportunity to live in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and our work-lives. . .

The abundance of fruit that this year has laid at our feet and is continuing to ripen on the vine and in the trees. . .

The joy that ducklings bring when they run towards you in anticipation of a small treat (usually in the form of hornworms). . .

The promise of abundance and lessons and sweet, quiet moments. . .

The generosity of family in the giving of time, energy, and intention to help us cross things off our to-do list. . .

The ability to give ourselves the gift of living here.

Ah yes, there is balance in all things.

Thank goodness.


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    Balance in all things and seeking the joy in every situation. Reading what you’re juggling and living is like a roller coaster for me, so it must be even more so for you guys! But that one photo, the early morning one…that’s it right there!

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Sometimes it really is just a juggling game…but the good definitely outweighs the bad… <3

  2. Karen

    My parents packed us kids up and moved away from the big city to homestead in the wilds of northern B.C. Not quite sure how they managed in those first few years, but they did. They never regretted it, and neither did my brother or I.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Oh! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! <3

  3. Bill

    May your dream become your reality.

    We’ve been trying to make a go of it as full-time farmers for the past few years. Challenging, of course. We’re thinking of stepping back into more of a homesteading lifestyle. We’re going to evaluate things very thoroughly at the the end of this year. The important thing, I think, is to find the balance that makes sense and keeps you inspired.

    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Bill, thank you so much! And thank you, also, for your perspective! I love what you’re doing and am also so glad to know that you’re keeping an open mind and are willing to be honest with yourselves about what is needed in present time. I look forward to hearing about what you decide.

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