New Life

New Life

The ducklings had their first peek at sunshine today! Not only is Kitty giving them just a bit more breathing room, but she actually got off her clutch for a few minutes! Of course, I didn’t have my camera on me when that happened, but it was glorious none-the-less!

The sweet little fluff balls are starting to push out from beneath Mom and even harass each other a bit!

I still have no idea how many are in there…I’ve counted at least eight but there could be up to 14.

Time will tell.

Ducklings and Kitty - Day 2

Ducklings - Day 2 (3)

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Mama Mello, however, is still holding out on us.

Big as a bus and thoroughly uncomfortable, today marks day 148 (Day 3 of hostage negotiations).

Ember was so sweet with her yesterday, sitting with her, petting her, telling her it will all be OK and that the babies should just come out 🙂

Mama’s udder, though full for a while now, is significantly fuller and harder today…so maybe today will be the day?!

Again, that time thing.

Ember and Mama - Day 147

Mama - Day 147 (2)

Mama - Day 147

Hopefully my next update will include actual kids and a so very tired and proud Mama!



Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Karen

    I see the ducklings have dried off and fluffy now. So cute! Poor Mama Mello, she looks fit to burst. Hopefully the kids decide to make their appearance soon.

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