Mama Mello might still be holding those kids of hers hostage, but Kitty has “delivered” her ducklings to us right on time!

Today marks day 35 since Kitty sat on her clutch, and in perfect form, all those ducklings she’s been caring for so diligently began hatching early this morning!

Now, she’s guarding them well, holding them close under her warm belly on this cold, blustery, dark & cloudy Spring day, but we got a couple of glimpses of their fluffy cuteness from afar with my 55-250mm lens, peeking through the fence, past Red, and into a very dark shelter.

As we do 🙂

Hatching ducklings

Duckling under Kitty (2)

ducklings under Kitty


Kitty and duckling

Kitty and duckling (2)

These ducklings mark a very important milestone on our farming journey as they are the very first babies born on our ever-growing farm!

I am so in awe of nature and so very grateful to intentionally be witness to and a part of the phenomenal cycle of life.

I mean, just look at that tiny little beak!  35 days from an egg you could eat for breakfast to an actual duckling!

Pure magic!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Linda

    Well congratulations to Kitty and Red!! And of course all of you for your first farm babies! They are just the cutest little things! And yes….35 days of gestation (? ) is just amazing when you think of that! And they are ready to go, eating and all! Good on you for respecting her and taking further away shots. They are the sweetest little things!

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