Sunset Tree

Sunset Tree

You guys!

Do you remember the triptych painting I’ve mentioned working on?

Well, I am so excited to have finished it over the break and to have even gotten it up on the wall in our Dining area before heading back into the daily grind of work!

What do you think?

Tree and Sunset Triptych

A couple of notes:

  • Each canvas is 2 feet by 4 feet.
  • The canvases have been reused a few times (this is the third journey these three have taken together) which adds not only the history of past art, but also adds a bit of texture to this painting that I didn’t plan for but love!
  • If I had to guess, the whole project took me about 10 hours over four different sessions, all of which took place on the floor of my office.
  • The tree shows black in these pics, but is really black softened by a warm, dark brown, which makes it look a bit less harsh in person.

Here are just a few close ups:

Sunset Tree - One - Cropped

Sunset Tree - Three - Cropped

Sunset Tree - Two - Cropped

Sunset Tree - Three - Cropped Branches

Do tell, are you the “creative type”? Did you complete (or start!) any creative projects over your break? Oohhh…I’d love to hear about them 🙂


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  2. Nooce Miller

    Yes, I do remember you talking about your tryptich. The finished product is lovely. Somehow I always think of a tryptich as three canvases in a row, but I think this arrangement of yours is much more dynamic and suits the tree better. I did do some mixed media art just before the end of the year. You can see it at if you’re interested. For me, I did it to better visualize something that I’m writing about. I’m going to make a whole row of these altered bottles and then do some serious photography that will help me promote my new book when it comes out. I tried to do a huge canvas for my son’s Christmas present, but I did not get it completed so it will have to be for his birthday (coming soon). I have to say, it’s been really great to get my hands messy again! Do you have any more projects planned?
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    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      What a fun approach you have!!! I’m excited to see the photos of the bottles you mention, it all sounds very interesting! I’ll pop over and check it out! 🙂 I have three separate paintings still to complete for our house. We’ve not decorated until just he past week and my wife found some old canvases and asked me to have at them…and so I will 😉

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