Sky Blanket – The Final Stitch

Sky Blanket – The Final Stitch

It took 378 days, countless skeins of yarn, and about a bazillion hours…

But after waking up at 2:40 this morning (heavy with the weight of my job and too much stress for the night to hold), I finally finished my Sky Blanket!

And so, with the sun still hiding behind the mountains and two 10 hour work days still ahead of me this week, I’ll just leave this right here for now as my very own gentle reminder to keep my head up (towards the ever expansive sky).

I am so proud of and pleased with this blanket.

If the light is good, I hope to get some good pictures of the whole thing on Sunday to share with you here 🙂

I hope your Friday treats you well, my friends.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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