Turkey Gobbling

Turkey Gobbling

Sometimes I wonder if we’re doing the right thing living all the way out in the middle of no where, trying our hands at this whole homesteading thing. Then, things like this spontaneously happen while I’m busy doing chores and I think, “Yep, this is exactly where we’re supposed to be!”

And that sweet girl of ours, I really can’t imagine her growing up in the city or playing on nothing but asphalt, sod, and gravel…She loves and needs the fresh air around her, the uneven ground to run on, and all of these hilarious creatures to interact with.

And so here we are and here is where I hope we’ll be for a long time to come.


If there are any issues with the video loading above, you can click here, too —> E gobbles with the turkeys

Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


    1. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

      Thanks for catching up! I am so far behind, it’s ridiculous! I’m planning to make the rounds this weekend…barring any disasters, of course 😉

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