The Changing Seasons – August and September in Review

The Changing Seasons – August and September in Review

If you’re keeping track, you might have noticed that I skipped my monthly reflection for August…and you might even notice that my reflection for September is a full two weeks late…


Yeah, the past few months have been a whirlwind of work, property and animal upkeep, and…oh yeah! the planning, prepping for and actual celebration of our marriage!

So, with the growing season winding down and life in general evening out a bit, in an effort to get caught up on my reflections and to catch you up on Β some nature and animal pics, I’m combining August and September into one post and will do my best to be “on time” with my October reflection in just a couple of weeks πŸ™‚


Filled with bounty in so many ways, August was, by far, our biggest harvest month, despite my frustration, challenges, and all around dashed hopes for a banner year given all of our new space! I did, however, gain some perspective and am learning to be a bit gentler with myself given our inexperience and only part-time farming abilities. Plus, given that there was virtually zero time to give to the garden in the weeks leading up to the wedding, I think we did OK πŸ™‚ Now, there are still bags upon bags of frozen grapes to turn into jams and jellies, but we’ll deal with those in our copious free time.



You know, I thought that things would slow down in September, but it seems as though, with the wedding behind us, we then needed to catch up on all of the things that got pushed off in our preparations…and, truly, we are still playing catch up well into October! However, September carried with it some absolutely gorgeous (and dramatic!) skies, the golds, rusts, and reds of a falling Fall, and the gentle reminder that it’s almost time to hole up, stay cozy, and rest, mentally and physically, in anticipation of all the possibilities on this property in 2016.

Of course, we can’t forget that phenomenal and super Blood Moon! Β While my night photography needs some practice (and better equipment), the setting of that wonderful moon over the Jemez Mountain the next morning was something incredible to witness!

Of course, I would be silly to not direct you to our wedding gallery, since it consumed so much of our time for two full months and is such an important milestone in our lives together. Though the photos are not my own (yes, I did actually put down the camera for a whole day in an effort to be fully present with our friends and family, my bride, and myself), pop over and check out our day by clicking the picture below:

Sunflowers and Ceremony


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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