1821 Hacienda Home Tour ::: Bathrooms & Laundry Room

1821 Hacienda Home Tour ::: Bathrooms & Laundry Room

1821 Hacienda - Bathroom 3 1821 Hacienda - Powder Room 3 IMG_5695 1821 Hacienda - Laundry Room SkyLight

Alright, so I promised I’d show you the whole house…so you’ve now, officially, seen the whole house 😉

OK, OK…I know this post only shows snippets of the bathrooms and Laundry Room, but who really need to see toilets, washer, dryers, and our misc. toiletries?


So, beyond their utilitarian purposes and funny quirks, what are the highlights?  The things I love about these rooms?

  • The double sink in the main bathroom
  • The beautiful blue and white sink in the powder room
  • The sky light and the tile in the Laundry Room

There you have it!  A completed tour of our current home, an 1821 converted Hacienda.

Though we moved here wearing Rose-Colored glasses and there are several things we’ll look for that are different in our next rental/home/homestead, I am grateful for this house and all it’s given us in the way of lessons and the space to learn them in.

I also just want to note that next time I do a house tour, I don’t intend to stretch it for as long as this one took 😉  How about an indoor tour and an outside tour?  Two instead of five +?




Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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