1821 Hacienda Home Tour ::: Bedroom

1821 Hacienda Home Tour ::: Bedroom

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Well, you’ve seen our Kitchen, Dining Room/Office and Living Room, so I guess that means that today is the day you get to peek into our (miraculously clean, even if just for the photos) bedroom!


Good 😉

Now, what can I say about it beside the fact that it’s huge (420 sq. feet), is where we sleep, has good morning light and two nice kiva fireplaces?

Maybe I could mention that we have been sharing our bedroom with Sprout while we get our bearings and continue looking for our next homestead?  Or maybe I should mention that the room is solely heated by one of the two kiva fireplaces, so we’ve put plastic up on the windows to get us through the winter to keep it nice and cozy in there?

I could also mention that the room features gorgeous tiles and an immense bookshelf, which has been very helpful in housing all of our books and miscellaneous tidbits that don’t have another home.

One thing that the room itself doesn’t have is a closet…it’s actually through the door next to the big armoirs you see against the one wall in the pic above.  So, yes (you caught me), technically, we do have a small closet in the little hallway to the bathroom, but it’s in no way big enough to hold all of the clothes for two women and a baby.  So, armoirs and drawers, it is!

I have to say, while we’ve enjoyed being in this house for the past few months we are looking forward to our next home and it’s different space configuration.  While we thought it would be easy enough to room with Sprout for a year, the older she gets, the harder it is.  You know that whole saying about hindsight being 20/20, right?

And there you have it!  The fourth room in our five room hacienda!

Next up, I’ll show you all glimpses of our Bathrooms and Laundry Room!  Super exciting, right?  Please try to contain your enthusiasm 😉


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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