Lemon and Dill Salt

Lemon and Dill Salt

I’ve been thinking about making a Lemon and Dill Salt since first deciding to try my hand at a handmade holiday again this year!  To be honest, it was the copious amounts of dill coming out of the garden (and zero cucumbers) that helped with the decision 😉

So, last week, after making a batch of my favorite cookies, and with a few minutes on my hands, I decided to give it a whirl!  Not that it’s a complicated process or anything, but with all the transition we’ve gone through lately, completing any task is a blessing!

So, with a jar full of dried dill from our urban farm, a few lemons in the fridge and a box of salt in my pantry, I decided to give it a go!  Here’s how it went…

Lemon and Dill Salt DIY


  • 1 cup of kosher salt (or your preferred salt)
  • 1 cup of dried dill sprigs (lightly packed) or ~1/4 cup dried dill already cleaned
  • The zest of 3 organic lemons (grated)


  • Salt
  • Dried Dill
  • 3 Organic Lemons
  • Dehydrator
  • One Pint sized Mason Jar


  • Zest the 3 lemons using a the fine grate on a cheese grater
  • Spread out your zest on the jelly-roll tray of your dehydrator and dehydrate on low until dry (mine took about 1 1/2 hours)
  • While your zest dries, clean your dried dill sprigs, removing any large stems
  • Once your zest is dry, place all of your ingredients in a pint sized jar, put a lid on it and shake it all up


  • If using as a gift, you’ll want to either make several batches or a much larger batch.  Once ready, carefully pour your Lemon and Dill Salt into pretty jars and label for your recipient.
  • Instead of using a dehydrator, if you don’t mind heating up your kitchen a bit, you can also place your zest on a cookie sheet and bake at the lowest temp possible until dry (my guess is this would take ~30 minutes).

Uses – You can use your Lemon and Dill Salt on any fish or chicken recipe.

There you have it! I just love how pretty the three colors are together, don’t you?

Now, please share, what’s your favorite way to use up a bunch of dill?


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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