Late June Harvest Update

Late June Harvest Update

Sprout with a fresh snap pea

strawberries and cream


Tom Thumb snap peas

Well, it’s official, we’re off to our slowest harvest season since we began tracking harvests a few years ago.

I blame all of the transition we’ve faced since last fall (yes, I’m really going back that far) for our lack of bounty in the garden. You know, lack of time, lack of planning, barely pushing seeds into soil, setting up the drip irrigation, then almost ignoring them completely? Yeah…that.  

However, we are not without the occasional treat and have been blessed with handfuls of strawberries and peas as well as some rhubarb, a few itty bitty onions, and two whole radishes!

Now, I haven’t weighed everything because, as I’m sure you can guess, there are many strawberries and peas that don’t ever make it in the house!  Additionally, Sprout has decided that snap peas are her new favorite veggie!  She doesn’t eat the whole thing, but the gnawing she does on them with her two new teeth is enjoyable for her and makes me happy 🙂

However, my best deductions, based on actual weighing and guesstimations would be as follows:

Strawberries – 3 lbs
Rhubarb – 2 lbs
Peas – 1 lb
Onions – 8 oz
Radishes – 4 oz

Not horrible, but we can do better 😉

How is your garden doing this summer? Is it as bountiful as you might have hoped or are you still waiting for some serious harvests?



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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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  1. Daphne

    For us it is the raspberries that often don’t make it inside. Though I have been outside picking in the morning and putting them in my smoothies. And since they make it inside they get weighed. At least most of the time.
    Daphne recently posted…Harvest Monday, 30 June 2014My Profile

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