Local Bite Mini Challenge ::: Week Twelve ::: Food Independence Potluck

Local Bite Mini Challenge ::: Week Twelve ::: Food Independence Potluck

Good morning and welcome to Week 12 of our Local Bite Challenge!

This weeks Mini-Challenge is a little different from all of the other weeks because I am inviting you to engage your friends and family in the challenge in a non-scary way (don’t ask my why, but there are a lot of people out there who just do not understand why anyone would choose to limit their diets by eating locally).

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, this weeks challenge is to participate in our Local Bite Independence Day Potluck!  To do so you just have to do one of two things:

  1. Host your very own Food Independence Potluck where you will ask your guests to bring potluck items made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible (this can happen any weekend, not just this weekend)…or
  2. While attending a potluck or BBQ or over the weekend of July 4th, ensure that your Potluck item is made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible!

If you’d like to commit to this challenge, please let me know all about it in the comments below!  Will you host?  Will you bring a dish to another event? What dish(es) will you provide?

You can also RSVP to the official Local Bite Food Independence Potluck event on Facebook :-)

I so hope you all will join up in celebration of local food, friends, family and community!  I look forward to hearing about all of your plans and making some of our own!!


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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