Evening Observations

Evening Observations



espalier apple tree

tomatoes and flowers

pea flowers


buff orpington 3



Japanese Black tomato

E reaching for pea


Walking around the garden last night, I was reminded of how far we’ve come in just a few short years.  From a barren, rock filled, super hot-trash-and-glass-and-juniper-filled 1/8 acre to a living, breathing, mini oasis…sometimes it’s easy to forget how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into our little plot.  

Walking around the garden last night, though, I was even feeling grateful for the pests and the weeds and going-to-seed patch of grass we have in the front yard.

It’s the little things, right?


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Daphne

    It is a lot of work isn’t it. But so worth it. I have to say I don’t ever remember feeling grateful for the pests. I enjoy weeding often, but I don’t like the bugs and slugs. But there isn’t anything better than being in the garden in the evening with a cool wind starting after a hot day.
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