Crabby Pants & the Magic of Nature

Crabby Pants & the Magic of Nature






As someone who has a degree in Environmental Education…and as someone who has spent the last decade working with children…I know that time spent in nature is incredibly beneficial for children. It’s good for all of us, but it seems to help children out of a funk almost immediately.

So why, then, am I finding it so hard to remember this with my own child?

You know, the even tempered, super chill Sprout who is now teething and just plain crabby because her face hurts? Yep, her 😉

So, I’m trying…I’m really trying on those long days, those long days when nothing works and we’re so tired and she’s just complaining, complaining, complaining, to get us both outside.

And when I do remember, the shift is immediate! It’s like magic!

And it doesn’t have to be a Nature Marathon! It can be a short walk, or a visit to the chickens, it can involve watering all the other sprouts or weeding a bed or two. It can simply sitting, taking pictures, reading a book or watching the sunset.

It just has to involve nature.

And it’s totally doable (and fun), as long as I remember to do it…so I will try my absolute best (and be grateful for this challenge and it’s help) 🙂

I hope you get to spend some time outside today, whether you have a crabby pants on your hands or not, the benefits far outweigh the effort of stepping outside.


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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