The Chicken Fountain

The Chicken Fountain

After years of dragging the hose back and forth across the yard…

After countless hours spent wondering how the heck the chickens could possibly get their water so.darn.dirty day after day…

After pining away after simpler solution and fancy fountains…

We’ve finally gone and done it!

Chicken Fountain 3

Chicken Fountain 2

Chicken Fountain 4

Chicken Fountain 1

Yep, we purchased a chicken fountain and installed that bad boy last weekend.

The chickens are happy with their fresh water all day long…no matter how much they scratch and peck at the ground around it…

We’re happy not having to do battle with that darn hose anymore…

All is right with the world.

OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic.  However, let me tell you, this little transformation has just saved me a ton of time and just as many headaches (at least during the non-freezing months).

The only thing I don’t understand is why the heck we didn’t invest in the chicken fountain earlier!

Now, do tell…how do you water your chickens?



Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Danetta Cates

    I don’t understand how a chicken can be trained to drink out of those things?? The ducks muddy up the water around here about as fast as us turning away to put the hose up….dirty ducks, but I luv them. The Fountain looks nice & clean.

    1. Bee Girl

      We removed their old waterer and put rubber bands on a couple of the nipples to hold them open so water dripped from them for a few minutes…they figured it out! 🙂

      1. Danetta Cates

        Ok, that makes sense & like it would work.My girls are not the sharpest tools in the tool shed. Learning to drink out of a nipple for them would be rocket science. Thank you for replying.We might invest in one of the fountains after all.

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