Sowing Seeds – Inspirations, Ideas & Resources

Sowing Seeds – Inspirations, Ideas & Resources

Whether you are living in an apartment or living on acres of land, it is possible to grow at least some of your own food…all it takes is the simple act of sowing seeds!

Now, a couple of years ago, I have to admit, I was a little nervous to get started with the whole process of sowing seeds and growing some of our own veggies! The truth is though, it’s all a learning experience! Some years are better than others, some plants thrive while others fail miserably. The joy is in the journey.

With that in mind, I thought I’d pull together a few posts from some of my favorite bloggers to help inspire you to get your hands dirty and push some seeds into soil! Trust me, in a couple of months you’ll be so happy for this simple act!

Make a Plan
Urban Gardening – The Basics
Vegetable Gardening 101
12 Fail-Proof Food Crops for Beginners
Starting Seeds for Your Garden
Make the Most of Your Garden by Choosing Plants Wisely

Seeds & Seed Starting
Germination Rates Experiment (with kids)
A Simple Seed Viability Test
Give Your Seeds a Head Start by Pre-Sprouting Seeds
Spring Seeds Have Arrived!
DIY Seed Pods
DIY Grow Lamps for Spring Seedlings
Grow Light Stand Specs

Convince me that you have a seed there

Compost & Soil
Create an Instant Garden with Sheet Mulching
Composting Benefits, How To’s and Worm Bins
Creating Great Dirt

Container and Small Space Gardening
Utilizing the Garden Space You Have
66 Things You Can Grow at Home: In Containers, Without a Garden

Tips, Tricks and Veggie Specifics
Succession Planting
Cold to Hot Springs – Tips to Prevent Bolting
Quick Hoop House DIY
Growing Carrots: A Tip from Grandpa
How to Successfully Grow Herbs Indoors
Know How: Harvesting Lettuce
Grow Swiss Chard

Looking for more seed sowing inspiration?

Curious about my personal seed sowing journey? Β This post will give you a bit of insight.

Happy sowing!!!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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