Local Bite Mini Challenge ::: Week Three ::: One Meal

Local Bite Mini Challenge ::: Week Three ::: One Meal

Welcome to our third Local Bite Mini Challenge!

Your challenge this week is to create an entire meal using only locally sourced items!  Now, don’t panic! I know we’re still early in the challenge and there’s not a lot growing in certain areas. For just this reason, you can pick any meal you’d like; breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Your meal can be as simple or as complicated as you like, just as long as it is 100% locally sourced 🙂  Then, come back here and comment (or join the conversation in our Facebook group), letting us know all about the meal you’ve created and it’s ingredients!

Looking for a little inspiration?  Check out the Local Bite Pinterest Board.

Now, have you been participating in the extension of Week One’s Mini Challenge, One Item? If you would like to continue to further challenge yourself (beyond this weeks challenge or the previous weeks challenges), you can do so throughout the entirety of the 100 day challenge by simply picking one new item every single week of the challenge. By doing so, you will have 14 new-to-you items at the end of the challenge that you’ve tried and hopefully enjoyed :-)  Of course, you can participate every week, or pick and choose which weeks work for you!

Happy cooking!


The Local Bite Challenge is meant to inspire and encourage local eating habits by pushing each of us out of our current comfort zones. Please check out all of the details HERE, join our Local Bite Facebook Group for ideas and inspirations and enter our fantastic Local Bite Giveaway!

Curious about upcoming the next Local Bite Mini Challenge?  Click here to see what’s ahead! And mark your calendars for July 4th now, because the challenge that week is going to be fantastic!

Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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