Got Wheat-Berries?  Grind Your Own Flour!

Got Wheat-Berries? Grind Your Own Flour!

You know that saying about the best laid plans? Yeah…well, I think the Universe is trying to drill home some crazy message about how plans fall apart and new experiences arise and it’s OK to adapt and be flexible and try something new. The last year has been ripe with examples of such bumps in the road, closed doors and open windows and such, but for now, let’s just talk about the Irish Soda Bread I’d been planning for months to make to join our Corned Beef and Cabbage deliciousness last weekend.

Despite multiple trips to various stores over the course of two weekends to gather all of the ingredients for both the bread and the corned beef and cabbage, I neglected to purchase flour. Now, first off, we should always have flour on hand…99% of the time, we do have flour on hand…and usually way more than necessary. However, somehow we wound up sans flour and didn’t realize it until right as I began to actually make the bread.  Geez…

I was highly disappointed and decided we would just eat sandwich bread with our meal. WooHoo!!! (not).

My brilliant Partner, however, decided we should grind our own flour with some of the wheat-berries we have in the pantry. So, she pulled out our Juicer (yes, you read that right, it has magical powers) and began grinding away!


grinding wheat-berries into flour

freshly ground flour

Irish Soda Bread

She ground, I sifted, and twenty minutes later I had all the flour I needed to make my Irish Soda Bread!

Disappointment vanished. Joy renewed. Fresh flour happily baked into bread and consumed.

Tragedy averted. Lesson reinforced. Alright, Universe, what’s next?


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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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