Wild Game Recipe Round Up

Wild Game Recipe Round Up

How often do you eat wild game?  Our answer is, not very often.  Not for a lack of enthusiasm, but more for a lack of hunting skills or connections to many hunters.

A couple of weeks ago, however, while walking around the neighborhood,  one of our neighbors came out gave us some ground antelope.  He is retired and absolutely loves to hunt!  After talking to him about his various adventures and thanking him kindly, we came home, Googled and brainstormed what to make with this new-to-us meat.  After not finding much online, we decided on pasta and meat sauce and took to the kitchen!

The antelope was delicious!  Not gamey at all (the taste was quite mild, actually), a nice, fine texture and delicious over our pasta and drenched in red sauce.  We had been warned it might a little dry, so it was browned in a bit of oil and with a few spices. Yes, absolutely delicious.

The whole thing got me thinking about wild game recipes and how we weren’t very successful at finding anything overly-exciting.  So, I asked a few blogging friends if they had any recipes to share, spent a bit more time in Google Land and pulled together this roundup of posts for future reference for you and me 🙂

Wild Game recipe round up


Venison Stew (Healing Cuisine)

How to Brine a Venison Back-strap (Healing Cuisine)

Venison Bacon Sausage (Green Eggs & Goats)

Venison Pasta Carbonara (Green Eggs & Goats)

Three Bean Venison Chile (Montana Solar Creations)

Deer Jerky (New Life on a Homestead)

Venison Jerky (Schneiderpeeps)

Canned Venison (Schneiderpeeps)

Pickled Deer Heart (House.Barn.Farm)


Gluten Free Kangaroo Burgers (Economies of Kale)

Black Bean and Kangaroo Chili (Economies of Kale)


Fried Elk Heart (The Faulk Farmstead)


Marinated Roast and Red Potatoes (Raia’s Recipes)

The below links to wild game recipe pages are all from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, a phenomenal resource for all food wild and delicious!  The author, Hank Shaw, is truly inspiring in his quest to “find the forgotten feast” and his book, Hunt, Gather, Cook is on my wishlist!

Duck and Goose Recipes

Rabbit, Hare and Squirrel Recipes

Wild Pig and Bear Recipes

There you have it! New wild game recipe resources for you and me 🙂  So, next time one of us is given the opportunity to cook up some wild game, there will be more options than a simple pasta with meat sauce (no matter how delicious that is)!


Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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