Fabric Wipes & Homemade Solution Update

Fabric Wipes & Homemade Solution Update

Last month, shortly after Sprout was born, I posted about our homemade diaper wipe solution.  What I neglected to post about was the fabric wipes we’re using as well!

How to make your own fabric wipesbaby wipe solution DIY

How to make your own fabric wipes

So, yes, in addition to homemade solution we’re using, we’re also using fabric wipes that came from the flannel remnants of the fabric (paper) towels we made last winter.  We cut our remnant pieces into ~4 inch X 8 inch pieces using our cutting mat and rotary cutter.  We then simply sewed around the edges using the serger setting on our sewing machine.

When we first started with the solution, we just dipped the wipes into the solution each time we changed her diaper, but then we had to squeeze the excess solution out of the wipe each time. Now, we simply fill a re-used plastic container (the size you would purchase sour cream in) about half way with the solution and place enough wipes to soak up the solution. It makes for a much easier (and less messy) diaper changing experience.

Lastly, we simply throw the wipes in the wet bag with the soiled cloth diapers and wash them all together.  When we are out in the world, we bring a sandwich bag full of the already wet wipes and a second empty bag in which to place the soiled wipes until we get home.




There you have it!  Simple, affordable, and so much better for the environment and Sprout’s bottom!



Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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    1. Bee Girl

      We keep all the soiled wipes and diapers in a “wet bag”, then wash them in their own load every couple of days on an extra rinse cycle with their own detergent (the detergent doesn’t break down the fabric and elastic of the diapers like regular detergent would). Diapers and wipes that are extra dirty (poopy), get rinsed off over the toilet with a special hose and nozzle we have hooked up to one of our toilets and it all gets flushed before the diapers or wipe goes in the wet bag.

      I hope this makes sense! Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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