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Happy weekend, everyone!!!  Here are a few items that have caught my eye recently…

Food & Kitchen

  • How to make potato chips.  These may not be the healthiest things to eat, but darn, they look good!
  • This tomatillo sauce looks absolutely delicious!  I can’t wait to harvest our own tomatillos and begin making all kinds of delicious-ness!

Education & Environment

Farm & Garden

Preservation & Preparation

  • Easily overwhelmed by preparing for an emergency?  Yep, me too. But this could come in handy!
  • 3 ways to treat a fever at home.  Scroll down past the basics in this link and you will find a wealth of information about home remedies, tips and tricks for fighting fevers and staying hydrated while fighting a fever.  Great info here!

Just Because…

  • I am in love with this chalk board wall calendar!  Now, if I can just convince Tool Lady it’s a good idea (and find a spot for it), we’ll be all set!
I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend!


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