Broody Australorp

Broody Australorp

Well, it looks like Spring brings broody chickens.


A few weeks ago, one of our Black Australorps went broody on us. She even plucked her  belly feathers to help incubate her unfertilized eggs.  Luckily, she’s been much more docile than our broody Ameraucana last spring and there have been no attacks or bloody toes!  We’ve removed her from the nesting boxes every time we find her in there (which really means *all the time*) and are continuously removing eggs from beneath her.


For a little while I was just hoping we wouldn’t have to put her in solitary confinement, but once the pecked at eggs started showing up, I knew what had to happen.  I mean, really, every one of ours eggs is precious!  I am not about to give any of them up for some silly chicken!

So, into solitary confinement she went!  Which really means she went into the chick brooder that lives right next to the larger coop.  We placed a piece of wood between the two so she won’t drive herself crazy trying to get into the larger coop, gave her some food and water and have been checking on her regularly.


So far all she’s doing is pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to get back into the coop with the ladies (the ladies are equally curious about she’s doing over there).  Hopefully she’ll calm down quickly and figure out that she doesn’t have to be a mama right now.


In the meantime, enjoy this funny video of my best friend trying to collect eggs from beneath her last weekend.  Pretty hilarious, if you ask me.
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Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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