Transitional (Chick) Housing

Transitional (Chick) Housing

Our newest set of Newbies has officially been moved into their outdoor brooder and are very happy for it.  I think our indoor brooder was getting a little too cramped for them because they have been incredibly busy meeting the neighbors, pecking around, giving themselves dirt baths and exploring their new digs.
They have their own water, food and a heat lamp to keep them warm on cool evenings and they can safely see into the big coop run (just as the hens can see them) so as to acquaint themselves and make the transition  into said run that much easier later.  All of our hens seem to enjoy watching them, but interestingly enough, it is the other Buffs who seem to spend the most time watching their new, little, counterparts.  Do you think they know they are the same?
These five ladies (fingers crossed) will bring our little backyard flock up to a count of twenty!  If I am honest with myself (and you), if you would have asked me five years ago about keeping backyard chickens, I probably would have laughed out loud.  And yet, here we are, going into our fourth year of keeping chickens, collecting eggs and journeying more and more towards our dream of owning our own little (not-in-the-city) farm someday!
Hmmm…I wonder where we might be four years from right now?!? Only time will tell!
Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


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  2. KathyB.

    I love chickens, they are so much fun to watch, especially as they grow from the tiny balls of fluff into productive egg layers with personalities. Your chicks look happy & healthy .

    It is always nice when we can get them out of the brooders, isn’t it?

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