Bee Relocation Prep

Bee Relocation Prep

Today we…

  • Painted old pallets, wrapped weed cloth around them and stuffed soil into them
  • Cleared more rocks & leveled the ground where the bees will be moved to
  • Put some stakes in the ground
  • Secured two of the three pallets to their stakes
  • Created trellising above each pallet for more vertical grow space and to crate a barrier for the bees to fly over
  • Trashed the back yard (sometimes it just has to get worse before it can get better)
Now we’re waiting for night fall and the bees to all come home so we can trap them in there and move them as quickly and safely as possible to their new space.  Wish us luck!!!  
Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. Fiddlerchick

    Wow! Now that’s a smashing idea – a pallet wall of strawberries!! I see yet another project in my future….

    And I guess while I’m at it, I’ll peruse your blog further about bee keeping and set up a “real” home for ours. You’d never know there was a bee crisis in California from the number of resident bees in our yard this year. Chi said it’s because I made a paradise for them 🙂

    1. Bee Girl

      Thanks! We like the colors, too 🙂 So far we’re thinking we’ll plant some bush beans, cucumbers, strawberries and maybe some mint and some spinach or some more herbs…this all came together quite quickly, so now we need to do some planning 😉

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