Chick Roosting

Chick Roosting

Why do chickens roost?  To stay safe from predators at night, of course 🙂  Apparently the Little Ones like to roost even though they’re safe (er…trapped) in their nice, warm brooder!

I have found, at different times, both the Ameraucanas and the Astralorps on their mini, impromptu roosting bar.  I have not, however, found the Buff Orpingtons on said bar.  Interesting.  The Buffs also seem to be the most skittish of the bunch.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how they all mature 🙂

Now, they’re not sleeping up there yet, but they do like to hang out up there…

This might be my favorite picture of this bunch so far.  These two cuties fell asleep, nose to nose, and formed  an (almost) perfect heart!  Love, love, love them!!!
Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm


  1. OveratJulie's

    My buff Orpington comes in the house if we open the door. She is the one who like to sit on my lap and have her neck and head stroked. She tucks her head between my arm and body and falls asleep. Our Americaunas like to be near us but really don’t like to be held. Our black Australorp is a lap sitter too. I love baby chicks!

  2. Jody

    It’s funny you point the roosting thing out. Yesterday one of our chickens was attacked by the neighbors dog, but not hurt thankfully. I found her “roosting” on the axle of the other neighbors car, and she would not come down. After that she stayed in the hen-house roost for the rest of the day.

    1. Bee Girl

      Oh man! I’m sorry your chicken had a scare, but I’m glad she’s OK! Stinkin’ dog! Hilarious though about her “roosting” on an axle. She inventive, no doubt! Hope she’s feeling better today 🙂

    1. Bee Girl

      Yeah…chickens and apartments wouldn’t make a good combination…they’re a little stinky 😉 I hope you don’t think I’m crazy for asking this but, do you have rooftop access? That could be a possible place to keep a couple of chickens…you know, if your landlord and the city codes allow it!

      BTW-Thanks for finding me! I just popped over to your space and am having fun poking around 🙂 Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!!!

    1. Bee Girl

      That’s good to know! We got them because they’re supposed to have a good temperament! From what you’ve said, we’ve made a good choice, we’ll just have to wait a bit for them to chill out 😉

  3. 1st Man

    oh my gosh they are just too cute! Since I’ve never had chicks, at this point if you handle them more and hold them, does that make them more “tame” later on as they become full grown hens? I’ve seen people who can carry their hens around like dogs or cats and I’ve always wondered how that happens? I kind of just figured it was from being hand raised since “egghood”, ha.

    1. Bee Girl

      Right?! Yep, the more you hold them now, and continue to hold them as they get older, the more tame they’ll be 🙂 It’s pretty cool that you can get these weird creatures to let you pick them up, carry them around, pet them, check out their feet… 🙂

  4. Bee Girl

    Ha! We got them for the same reason. Right now I’d say the most friendly are the Astralorps, then the Ameraucanas, then the Buffs. I wonder how it’ll evolve? I look forward to learning the personalities of your Little ones when they arrive 🙂

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