Spring(ing) Forward

Spring(ing) Forward

With the time change (and my body’s inability to figure out when to sleep and when to wake) also comes more light and Spring being (officially) in view!  HooRay!!!

Last weekend we did a little spring cleaning and prepping…and I’m just writing about it now because it was all quite exhausting and I ran out of time!

We (meaning Kim AKA Tool Lady, I watched) expanded our compost pile from 4 hay bales into 6 and discovered we need many more worms to keep up with our massive compostable contributions!  Next weekend we will have to make a trip to the Farmers Market to acquire some 🙂  We will also (unfortunately) have to purchase some compost this year as what we have made is not nearly enough for all our beds…especially since we purchased more wood this weekend for two additional raised beds to build in our back yard (I think we’re building next weekend…).
We also purchased some cinder blocks and raised our little water catcher.  We only have one right now (ideally we will have three before any rains start this year).  We purchased this guy a couple of years ago and have had to carry buckets of water from it to water because it sat too low and gravity was not working its magic.  We’re thinking about planting some strawberries in the holes in the block…
Kim also built this fantastic Top Bar Hive for our yet-to-be-purchased honey bees!  I know that we’re already late in ordering them (I really want local bees from up in Truchas) but am hopeful we can make it work for this year!   This little guy will live in our front yard tucked in a corner by our cherry and apricot trees and I’m planning to plant a bunch of flowers all around it.  We have Russian Sage on our property which the bees love too, so they should be super happy once we get them and give them their new home.
While Kim was building, I was planting!  I don’t have any pics yet, but I planted 72 little pellets with lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, several herbs and a few lemon cucumbers (one package of these guys said to start inside and the other didn’t, so I figured it was worth a try…I’ll decide later if it was worth it).
We also let the babies outside again (Prim didn’t cry quite as much as she did on her first excursion) to play happily with our friend Farrah in the gorgeously warm afternoon sun.  And, yes, Prim still towers over her sisters.  She’s like a monster, but a very pretty monster with all her beautiful red feathers coming in nicely.

Written by Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

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